Living Freely With Alzheimer’s – France Is Building A Village For People With Alzheimer’s


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A project in France is about to enable people with Alzheimer’s to live just like all of us. The project named Village Landais Alzheimer is going to be an enclosed village to ensure the safety of its inhabitants. This undertaking looks to enable those with Alzheimer’s to live freely without the need for medication. The facility is situated in the southwestern part of France.

This undertaking draws inspiration from a similar project in the neighboring nation of The Netherlands. The Netherlands project was undertaken by Member of Parliament, Henri Emmanuelli. It was named “Alzheimer’s Village,” and has facilities for different kinds of housing. The residences in the facility can be customized as per the needs of the inhabitants.

The main objective of these projects is to augment the happiness of its residents and reduce the necessity of medications. The residents are supposed to stay at the facilities with plain-clothed medical staff taking care of them.

Jean- François Dartigues, a Neurologist asserts that maintaining a regular lifestyle is going to be helpful for the patients. The social routines will help exercise important parts of their brains. The natural bonds we form as humans will enable the residents to feel human, social and truly integrated. The residents will be able to shop, eat out, go to the movies, and even get their hair done. He also says that the residents are supposed to have fun so that their brains stay healthier.

In order to make the residents feel at ease and relaxed, the architecture firms, the NORD Architects and Champagnat, and Grègoire Architects designed the space in accordance with the architectural traditions in the region.

The facility will be resembling medieval fortress towns which are typical to Landes area. Houses are to be segmented into four blocks surrounding a courtyard. The areas around the courtyard will have their own distinct identities. In addition to that, the areas will be connected by walkways which will be surrounded by trees. The paths are designed to provide sensory stimulation as well as a method to connect with nature.

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In order to complement the medical staff at the facility, volunteers and researchers will also organize activities. This might lead to an overall pleasant life for the residents of the place.

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