Your Dog May Actually Be Dreaming About You When They Are Sleeping – Psychologist Reveals

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

If you have pets, you probably dream about them. They are your lovely babies after all. But have you ever thought about what your pets might be dreaming about? It may not have come across your mind before. Do your pets even dream?

Well, Dr. Deirdre Barrett, a Harvard psychologist, claims that they do dream. And what’s surprising is that, they might be dreaming about you! Barrett has examined sleep behaviors in human beings for a long time, and now, she has extrapolated her studies of human dreams onto animals. She admits that there is no conclusive way to prove that animals dream too. But then, we too are animals and other animals, especially dogs, share a similar sleep cycle like us. So, animals dreaming something does not seem like a far-fetched idea.

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Barrett explains her observations in an interview she took with the People magazine. According to her, dogs, like humans, move from deep sleep to a less brain-active state, and after that, on to the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage rapidly. So, it can be deduced from these similarities that they dream too.

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Now, the question is: What are they dreaming about?

Since, there is no way to understand what dogs might be dreaming – Barrett takes the help of her human studies again. According to her findings, humans tend to dream of interesting events that might have occurred to them during the day. Their dreams just translates it into something illogical and more symbolic. Well, for dogs, it might be the same too. They might be dreaming about your face, the way you smell and how they can please you. Sometimes, they might even think about annoying you a bit, for fun. Barrett believes that when a dog kicks its legs during their sleep, it shows that they are dreaming.

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While all these might sound really weird, but for pet lovers, it’s an amazing news. We should all try to make our dogs have better dreams about us, shouldn’t we? The thing to do is simple: think of them as human beings. For a human being, you create a happy memory during the day and then, develop a pleasing environment for undisturbed sleep and dreaming. For your dogs, you should do the same. Develop some happy memories for your furry buddies.

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And then, let them smile during their sleep.

IMAGE CREDIT: Teerachat Aebwanawong

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