A Vegan Who Bought, Giant, 100-Year-Old Lobster Decided To Set Him Free


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

It is not a common incident to come across a lobster that weighs 23-pounds! Well, this is exactly what happened some years ago in Canada. King Louie, a 23-pounder (10.4kg) lobster was fished out by Rodney MacDonald, close to St. Martins, in the Bay of Fundy, situated in New Brunswick.

The lobster was named King Louie by the Alma Lobster Shop which served as his temporary home, as per CTV News.

The lobster, which is 4 feet-long is estimated to be about a 100-years-old according to Catherine MacDonald, the co-owner. The enormous size of the lobster clearly meant the only possible predator to it would be humans.

One would think this lobster was served as a feast item somewhere. But thankfully, for a kind vegan, Katie Conklin, it was not so. He was saved from knives or boiling water. Katie, a resident of Nova Scotia shelled out an estimated $170 (US Dollars) or $230 (Canadian Dollars) to the MacDonalds to make sure Louie would be released back into the waters.

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Katie said that she anticipates that lobster King Louie would be able to live a good life and carry his special genes on to the next generation.

Rodney MacDonald, the fisherman that caught him, took Louie to the center of the bay to release him. He shouted a “Thank You, Katie” just before lowering King Louie into the waters.


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