Keep Track Of Loved Ones Suffering From Dementia Or Alzheimer’s With These GPS Shoe Insoles

GPS SmartSole

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

When someone you love suffers from dementia, it gets quite tough taking care of them. They might sometimes simply go off, having no clue as to where they are. And this is a big, big possibility if the person is suffering from Alzheimer’s. They simply forget where they are going, and this can be troublesome for someone who actually cares for them. This is now there are shoes with GPS insoles which will allow you to track them and know where they are going.

In order to keep your loved ones safe, GTX Corp from Los Angeles has developed shoes that have GPS insoles which allows the user to track the location of the person wearing it.

The name of the invention is GPS Smartsole and is patented for use in normal sneakers. Interestingly, the GPS fits perfectly well into most sneakers that are adult-size, thereby reducing the need to carry something externally as well. This is of great advantage to patients suffering from Alzheimer’s for they wouldn’t have to carry something extra, which they might forget too.

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According to the website, this invention is not only suave but also is a lifesaver. All in all, it is going to provide you with a whole lot of peace.

One catch with the product can be that it is quite thicker than your average sole. But people wearing it haven’t found any discrepancies in the product nor felt any discomfort while wearing it.

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Although the retail price for the GPS SmartSole is $299, there are additional services you have to pay for in order to fully get the service. This includes paying a fee of $29.99 a month or $74.99 for 4 months. You could definitely go for the cheaper one, which doesn’t provide the tracker with much information, but it has a high cost of shipping and will cost you $14.95 per month. Also, you will definitely need to access the mobile network that GTX Corp provides.

If you aren’t satisfied with shoes with the GPS SmartSole, here are a couple more options you can choose from.


AngelSense is another product manufactured by the same company, with the difference that the product be attached to clothes worn by the patient. This tracker can only be set by the caregiver and provides a multitude of information which includes notifications when the patient is a territory unknown to them.

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The kit called the AngelSense Guardian Kit comes at $75, which is quite a step down from the $225 of the SmartSole. The kit contains the device and the key along with a charger. There is a monthly plan in place which costs $33.33 a month.


iTraq connects to a smartphone and helps inform people when someone has fallen down or lost their way. Also, the iTraq Nano comes with a horde of services attached, which includes just one charge that would last up to 4 months! It has several other features like an SOS button that is very useful if someone wanted to give their location in an instant. While it doesn’t exactly track in real-time, it still can detect changes in temperature and can inform you as soon as your loved one leaves a particular area. This makes it an essential product that one needed to purchase.

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The iTraq Nano comes at a price of $129, which is a watered-down price from the original one.

So, why not buy the shoes with the GPS SmartSole or the other two alternatives for your loved ones, and save their lives!

Images: GTX Corp

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