With This Chair You Can Sit Cross-Legged Or Any Other Position At The Office

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Most of us prefer sitting cross-legged because it helps us relax. But, it also leads to cramps because of the restriction of blood flowing through the calves and thighs. While we would love to tuck our legs, long stretches of time make it quite hard to do so. But cross-legged chairs are in the market, and they are lit!

In 2019, American company Health by Design started selling Soul Seat, which makes it easier for one to sit cross-legged without making it painful. The structure is simple- there are two bases- one that has a detachable height and a base lower than that where one can keep their feet. This allows proper blood flow to all parts of the lower limbs.


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The company believes this to be perfect for the posture of the body. It helps one open up the hips while placing the spine in its natural state.

The idea of a cross-legged chair came after the founder of the company Pack Matthews himself started suffering from spinal pain. This led to him consulting doctors, yoga gurus, and physical trainers which finally led him to build a chair that would perfectly suit the needs of the public.

Considering the ingenuity of the cross-legged chair, we can hardly be surprised knowing that it has already been registered at the Patents Office in the US.

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This chair also has far-reaching benefits. Before the invention of this chair, Pack was an average yoga practitioner toiling at the mats. But with this chair, he found his limbs and spine feeling quite independent. And this led to him actually succeeding in his yoga classes- doing asanas that he couldn’t have done before.



Pack Matthews achieved his dream- one that prevented the use of an everyday chair. These days he wakes up, jumps to the yoga mat, then starts working on his laptop in his cross-legged chair, and finally goes back to the mat before falling asleep- the perfect routine.

Interestingly, Pack had decided to market this product to Malaysians mostly- for they love sitting cross-legged. As luck would have it, most Malaysians jumped at the chance of buying something that reminded them of home.

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People belonging to Asian countries have been taught to sit in the lotus position from a very young age. And when Twitter user AzyanDraws posted a picture of the cross-legged chair on Twitter, the Twitterati exploded. Most Malaysians were extremely curious if the product could be shipped or sold in their country.

One should opt for a Soul Seat, but beware that they aren’t cheap. The average cross-legged model costs around $975. The floor model is priced at around $575 and the more expensive Bamboo Soul Seat is all yours for $1200. The product is primarily made of two different products, Pendelton and Primera wool, and the company asks us to expect some wear and tear from prolonged and continuous use.

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