Hero Cat Rescues Owner Locked Out Of House Without Keys [Video]


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Meet Boko, a heroic and intelligent cat who came to the rescue of his owner, Gabriella Tropea, in 2019. After the college student was locked out of her house in Austin, Texas, Boko helped her regain entry.

The pawesome story was originally shared by The Dodo. Approximately one year prior, Tropea adopted Boko, a stray on her campus. When she was accidentally locked out by her sister, the feline quickly came to her aid.

Upon returning to her house without her keys, Tropea was dismayed by the situation. “I got to the front door and Boko could hear me trying to get in,” Tropea said. “He started crying and scratching at the door.”

The student circled around to the rear patio, where the back sliding door was kept closed by a wood stick jammed into the door frame. Boko began to rub on the stick, apparently struck with an idea.

 “He started rubbing his face on the stick and I was encouraging him to mess with it. I was coaching him to lift it up,” Tropea told The Dodo. “He understood what I was trying to tell him and he started lifting it up!”

It took some brief coaxing, but finally, Boko managed to lift up the stick so Tropea could get back inside her house. After the video was shared on social media, it went viral. It has since been viewed 7 million times.

Tropea says she is “not surprised this blew up because Boko is a hero and he deserves this.”

Watch the video below:

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