Is Supernatural Real? Why Mainstream Science Can’t Understand It – Vlog #11

COVER VLOG 11 scaled

I have been investigating esotericism, mysticism, occult, spirituality, metaphysics, shamanism for the last 15 to 20 years. A lot of that was not only education but also practice, rituals, techniques, experiences, developing some abilities, etc. Based on all that I came to the conclusion that there is a lot of truth to some of these claims and myths. I think that there is a reason why mainstream science and skeptics still can’t validate most of it. When you start looking at how sceptics do their “research” you often learn that they don’t know anything about the subject. I have seen over and over people who ridicule subjects such as astrology but when you ask them how much research they have done on the subject, you almost always learn that it is very little or almost none. They just make up their minds before even trying to investigate it. Another interesting observation is that what we want to see or how we set our minds can really determine what information we attract. I noticed how most people who are sceptics always attract false information or “low quality evidence” etc. One time I took a sceptic scientist friend to an alternative conference where some paranormal subjects were discussed, he didn’t manage to get to the full event only was there for a short period of time and he actually joined exactly in the moment where the least credible speaker was talking. Interesting “coincidence” isn’t it? I think that you can’t really get to the truth if you aren’t really trying to understand something well and putting some effort, the intention is essential in everything. If your intention is that something is not true, the information that you will attract will most likely be matching your preconceived opinion.

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