The Truth About Being A Conspiracy Theorist – Vlog #12

COVER VLOG 12 scaled

The term conspiracy theorist is often used these days to ridicule people who believe in “crazy ideas”. However, history is full of conspiracies that turned out to be true. For example, if you look at some declassified documents from some of the top intelligence agencies on the planet you can clearly see tons of activities that are unimaginably unethical from mind control experiments to testing bioweapons on civilians

People in power constantly lie and deceive us, politicians, corporations, authority figures, it has been happening for millennia and without exception to the nation or time in history. Why shouldn’t people, in this case, question the official narratives? If you want to hide some information, lie or move attention away from something. The simplest way to do it is to convince people that believing in such information is crazy. Most people in such cases won’t even bother to investigate the subject as they don’t want to be labeled as crazy. It creates a kind of herd mentality where people “police each other” and not allow themselves to objectively investigate the issue.

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