Fighting Fire With Fire Doesn’t Work (Vegan Activist Example) – Vlog #10

COVER VLOG 10 scaled

Important message to all the activists, truth seekers, free thinkers, etc. There are really 2 ways of how we can create change. One is to fight fire with fire. Aggression with aggression, hate with more hate. The second one is with being an example. You can fight the old system or make it obsolete. I used to attend these philosophy meetups while living in Barcelona. One girl once told us a story of how she as a vegan went to a meat market with her friends to protest there. The butchers got very annoyed and they started threatening them with knives, the security kicked them out. I believe that she has great intentions for sure, but I think that this method can be counterproductive. You can’t convince the butchers in this way that they are doing something “wrong”. From their perspective, this is just their job, and now these people come and try to make their lives harder. It only creates more hate. Another way to do it is to become an example and educate those that are willing to listen. Not forcing something on someone. For example with the dairy industry this is exactly what is happening. People are being educated online through social media, documentary films etc. about how unhealthy dairy is and the demand for products is declining. 

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