Robert Downey Jr Plans To Save The Planet With Robots & Artificial Intelligence


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

We could be watching another Iron Man movie here.

In an amazing move by Amazon, Robert Downey Jr. was selected to be the keynote speaker at the new and public Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space (Re:MARS) tech conference held in Las Vegas. And as is expected of him, he entertained and charmed the entire audience, which consisted of eminent engineers, scientists, and AI legends and other dignitaries.

Amongst a lot of other things that he said, the highlight was when he brought forth the idea of a footprint coalition that involves using robotics, artificial intelligence, and other technology, that would reverse the carbon footprints in a decade, all the while cleaning up the Earth too. There are UN reports that show the dangerous effect of human beings on global diversity and there are studies showing people consuming plastic unconsciously as well, hinting on the increase of plastic in our environment.

The announcement was made at Amazon’s first science conference covering artificial intelligence, space and robotics. Ironically the host is itself under attack for not doing enough for the environment. Around 8,000 employees have supported a proposal that would make the company device an open and time-bound plan to move away from its reliance on fossil fuels. Amazon has done its bit for the environment like drastically reducing carbon emissions. The extent of Amazon’s involvement in Robert Downey’s project is unclear. On the other hand, researchers have for long been trying to use AI to solve long-standing challenges in the environment.

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In his usual sarcastic quip, he mentions how he didn’t really know much about the environmental problems that the Earth was going through. Nor did he know much about the science involved in this organisation, despite portraying a genius scientist for over a decade.

This organisation has promised to use the latest technology that would help it in its mission. From robotics to nanotechnology, if used at full strength, it would clean up this Earth with years to spare. All this information was provided to the actor by a group of experts who are all involved in saving the environment.

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Not many details were shared on how the organisation would proceed with its goals. But what Downey stressed upon was that even the smallest of efforts can help us take up the biggest role in his life. And, the organisation is so recent that although the process is supposed to start in 2020, the website was launched just after Downey left the stage. 

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Nonetheless, one does find the zeal in his voice as he talks about the crisis that has befallen the environment. Also, his team involves a group of highly dedicated scientists who would give their all to save the environment. He ends his speech by celebrating the importance of AI in today’s world and lamenting his role in increasing the carbon emission on this globe. 

Well, points to Iron Man for personal honesty and concern for the planet. A true Avenger.


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