Street Artist Creates Fake Shadows And People Are Confused

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Imagine you are walking down a street on a bright sunny day and all of a sudden, you see a shadow of a teethed mailbox lunging towards you? That’s some Goosebump-y thing that might really make you question reality. Not to mention, it will horrify you too. Well, that’s probably the thing a street artist Damon Belanger has tried to go for with his fake shadow street artwork. As you stroll down Redwood City in California, you are going to encounter these shadow monsters coming to attack you!  

Damon Belanger, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, was commissioned to install about 20 fake shadows across the downtown area in Redwood City. It might have been an attempt to reignite the creativity of the place. Well, the graphic artist seems to have done what he was asked to do and he did a great job at that too. While the mundane objects beside the sidewalk remain as mundane, Damon was able to have some fun and start working on the shadows of these objects. Now, either they are smiling flowers or they have become horrible monsters emerging from the shadows of those inanimate objects.

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Check out his masterpieces:

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