Investigation Finds Cocaine Residue In UK Parliament Offices And Bars

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By John Vibes / Truth Theory
A journalist recently conducted an investigation of government buildings and found cocaine residue in a large number of samples taken from various properties.

One of the properties where drug residue was found in large quantities was the Norman Shaw North building, which contains offices for MP’s and other government officials.

The journalist was able to gain access to the building with a pass that was given to them by a friend. Inside, cocaine residue was found in numerous locations throughout the building, mostly in bathroom stalls.

It is important to note that the officials who work in these buildings have many assistants who also have access to these areas, but it is still a very limited and exclusive crowd that gains entry to the building.

There are also a number of bars located within the Palace of Westminster, and most of them are off limits to the general public. The biggest hot spot for cocaine turned out to be the Strangers’ Bar, which is one of the most exclusive venues in the area.

Just under half, or 4 out of 9, locations that were tested turned up positive for cocaine.

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A Parliamentary spokesperson responded to the controversy in a statement, saying that, “Parliament takes the issue of substance misuse very seriously and offers a range of welfare and health support services for those who need them. Parliament is a public place and we welcome over a million visitors a year who have access to the facilities. Should drug use be identified in Parliament, appropriate action would be taken.”

On staffer, speaking under the condition of anonymity, told Vice that he regularly sees officials under the influence of cocaine.

“It’s a known thing [that drug use] happens in offices. I’ve actually never witnessed anyone physically take any drugs while on the estate, but it’s a relatively common occurrence to see people – particularly MPs’ staff, particularly Tories – who are clearly gakked up. For what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s the case that drug taking is more common among Tory staffers than anyone else generally. They’re just the ones who don’t seem to be fazed,” the anonymous staffer said.

In 2015, 69-year-old Baron John Sewel, a Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords in the U.K., was filmed snorting cocaine at a party with sex workers. Ironically, Sewel was in charge of reviewing the conduct of other “lords.” He even had the power to banish those who break the rules of conduct. He was ultimately forced to resign from the House of Lords following the scandal.

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