Guy Listed Terrifying Ways In Which Amazon Exploits Its Employees

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Dan Price is the CEO of Gravity Payments he is well known for taking a $1 Million pay cut in 2015. He did this to give all his employees a $70K minimum salary.  His company since then became a case study at Harvard Business School. And the size of his company tripled, suggesting that your company can do better when you look after your employees better.

Dan is now back in the spotlight after he shared a twitter thread earlier this year to let the world know how amazon treats their workers. He stated: “Amazon full-time warehouse employees make $31,200 a year. Jeff Bezos makes that every 12 seconds.”

Dan wrote the following before proceeding to name other ways the company does the exact opposite: “Cost to give warehouse workers 2 weeks paid sick leave + pay bumps so they don’t qualify for food stamps = 0.9% of Bezos’ fortune,”

With that said recently there was a petition to not allow Jeff Bezos to return back to earth as he is planning to go to space on the 20th of July 2021. Watch Mike Sygula’s video below to find out what this is all about:

Read Dan Price’s thread on how amazon is treating its workers below:

Image Credit: Seattle City Council  & danpriceseattle

By: Ruan Van Zijl / TruthTheory

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