Futuristic Sleep Pods Installed In German City For Homeless People To Sleep In

Futuristic Sleep Pods

Endless social issues need ‘out of the box’ thinking and innovative solutions. However, this particular case has received an ‘inside the box’ solution. Numerous homeless people in one of the cities in southern Germany are freezing this winter. As a result, the initiative is offering the homeless futuristic sleep pods.

The city of Ulm has recently launched a creative program. In other words, thousands of homeless citizens of Ulm will be provided with futuristic sleep pods. Accordingly, these homeless people will find a shelter to spend the night in a safe and warm way.

It was definitely a challenge to find the correct solution to this issue. Nonetheless, six entrepreneurs and technical experts have successfully managed to find the perfect solution to this problem. They have created a range of sleeping capsules or ‘nests’. Furthermore, these futuristic sleep pods are ideal for people who do not have access to conventional shelters. Additionally, people who do not want a traditional home can opt for these nests to spend the night-time in a safe manner. These capsules are ideal to shelter two people from the dangerous winter. Two people can easily fit inside the capsule. The people will get complete safety after being locked inside the sleeping nests.


Ulmer Futuristic Sleep Pods Is The Answer To Chilly Nights

Ulmer Nest Project is a very essential and unique initiative that will protect thousands of people. On the other hand, the project is still in the pilot stage. The testing and development of these futuristic sleep pods are underway. Nevertheless, the homeless people in Ulmer are thrilled about this helpful initiative.

The Ulmer Nest group and Florian have collaborated with Bored Panda to implement this project. Florian, a member of the team, has informed, that they were not the ones who started this project. Instead, it was someone else who created the project of these futuristic sleep pods. Initially, they had created a ‘creative lab’ and ‘think tank’ program in Ulm.

Futuristic Sleep Pods

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They wanted people to drop their respective problems and they would try to solve them. They received countless problems from the citizens of Ulm. However, the most pressing and recurrent problem was homeless people. They said that they have no shelter to protect themselves from the cold. The team chose a few experts. The experts selected one challenging problem within 48 hours. Eventually, 6 designers and technical specialists took up the challenge. They decided that they will not let these shelter-less people freeze in the cold.


A Warm Nest For Every Ulmer

The problem was identified at 8 am on Thursday morning. The project team came up with the basic concept of the futuristic sleep pod by Friday evening. They presented a prototype of the shape, process, and functionality. In addition, the experts also presented a VR model to offer a virtual experience of the capsule.

Finally, the model of the sleeping capsule was approved. The final model of the nest was very similar to the initial prototype that was created almost 2 years ago. Nonetheless, the first sample underwent several refinement and testing. Eventually, it was ready to be tested in real situations in the previous winter. They made a few more improvements after their first successful testing period. The Ulmer Nest program has rolled out their nests for the homeless in this winter period.

Nevertheless, the team has clearly specified that the futuristic sleep pods can only be used for emergencies. The capsules are not meant to be used as an alternative or recreational housing facility. The team is still evaluating future directions. Consequently, they are continuously making necessary changes to make it better.

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

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