This Wetherspoons Customer Uses The Eat Out To Help Out Scheme To Feed Homeless People

Feeding Homeless

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

One kindhearted Wetherspoons customer is using their ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme to feed homeless people in Manchester. The pandemic has hit everyone around the globe, be it their health or the economy. In such a situation, the UK government has offered the Eat Out To Help Out scheme. Customers can get a 50% discount on their non-alcoholic drinks and food if they opt to dine in. They can get upto £10 off per diner on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, between 3rd and 31st August. 

Dominic Dietrich is a freelance sports reporter. He used the scheme to buy food and distribute it to the homeless people living in the area. He was out with his friends when the idea struck him. This discount could be better utilized to feed those who have nowhere to go. His friend Rob Adcock shot a video of Dietrich handing out the food and they hope others get inspired to do the same. They went into a Wetherspoons and ordered via the Table App. They took the food in plastic containers to be distributed to the street dwellers.

Wetherspoons customer on a mission

This kind Wetherspoons customer has been working in the city for over a year and the homeless situation bothered him a lot. He mentioned how even he had setbacks at the work front because of the pandemic. But he was quick to realize his privilege. He had a roof over his head, and food on his table. 


Dietrich also noticed how cash currency was also diminishing in order to limit direct contact. Small change is what sustains many homeless people and this is terrible news for them.

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Dietrich’s idea has been appreciated by netizens, with the video garnering 150,000 views on Twitter. BBC Radio 1’s Chris Stark called his efforts a “great idea”.

That day Dietrich distributed food to 6-7 people but he realized the huge scale of the problem. He said how his mother has been a driving force in his life and encourages him to help others. This Wetherspoons customer hopes more and more people will take up the Eat Out To Help Out scheme and help the homeless people.

Image Credit: Dominic Dietrich

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