Birthday Money: Homeless Man Returned A 12-Year-Old’s Wallet, She Helped Raise Hundreds Of Dollars For Him

Birthday Money

The Jewish tradition of ‘mitzvah’ includes doing good deeds without any personal reasons. Evelyn Topper has recently experienced a real-life mitzvah incident done by a complete stranger. The granddaughter of Topper rewarded the good deed by giving away her birthday money to him.

On 9th December 2020, Evelyn Topper had lost her wallet while she was buying a latte for herself and a boba tea for her granddaughter named Mikayla Gounard from Kamson Coffee. The CCTV footage of the coffee shop showed that Topper had slipped her wallet in the back pocket of her pants after she had paid for her drinks. However, it was noticed that Topper did not close the zip of her wallet. As a result, her wallet slipped out and fell down unnoticed by her.

Moreover, Topper did not realize that her wallet is missing till she returned home. Initially, she thoroughly checked her car and house. This is because she thought she must have dropped her wallet in the parking lot. Eventually, she realized that she left it in the coffee shop. After this, she immediately called the coffee shop and enquired about her wallet.

Her wallet contained very important documents and things. Accordingly, Topper panicked because she felt she lost her entire life. She stated that all her debit, credit, and medicare cards were in her wallet. She felt distraught as she lost everything she owns.


Birthday Money In Return For Wallet

The wallet was found in a dumpster after one day Topper lost it in the coffee shop. Sean Currey is a homeless man wandering in the San Rafael region of California. He found the wallet while he was scouring through the garbage on 10th December. Initially, he wanted to steal the cards and use the money. Nonetheless, his heart asked him to contact Topper and return her wallet. As a result, Currey called Topper to tell her that her wallet was found by him and he would like to return it. Grandma felt elated after receiving the call.

Birthday Money

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Topper could not believe her luck and started screaming with joy. Currey shared that his heart told him otherwise despite warnings from his friends. He had a good and honest upbringing and advises others to follow the same path. Currey chose honesty over money and got rewarded with the entire birthday money of Mikayla.

Consequently, Currey met Topper at a parking lot to give the wallet. This parking lot had been his home for the last five years. In addition, Currey is one of the many American citizens affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Thus Topper offered him some money before her granddaughter gave him her birthday money.


A Case Of Selfless Acts

Mikayla felt very inspired by Currey and wanted to express her gratitude to him. She was raising funds at her forthcoming drive-by birthday party. She had raised more than $400 for a charity. Finally, she decided to donate the birthday money to Currey. He felt touched and humbled to see such a great act by this young girl.

Despite donating all her birthday money, Mikayla wanted to help Currey in a big way. For that reason, she intends to raise enough money to get Currey off the streets. The donation of the birthday money was a remarkable gesture. Nonetheless, Currey needs a substantial amount of money to lead a sustainable life. Meanwhile, donations are pouring in. Currey feels truly blessed. This entire incident has motivated netizens to indulge in good deeds selflessly.

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

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