Foodblogger Exposes What’s Inside Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwich And It’s Gross

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The chicken sandwich has been one of the most traditional dietary items in the USA. And despite being around for close to five centuries, this meal- comprising of a piece of meat between two slices of bread has been palatable.


About Vani Hari

You might have heard of “The Food Babe“. Her real identity is Vani Hari – an extremely helpful blogger who is all bout healthy lifestyles. She writes on blogs to tell the world about her own healthy dietary routines in the hopes of helping someone else become fitter. Among her blog posts are in-depth investigations into famous processed foods and the hidden ingredients inside them. Her well-documented investigations usually is a treasure trove of essential information that we may not ever have known.


The Food Babe Believes That The Chicken Sandwich Has Harmful Ingredients

By The Food Babe’s own testimony, she realized that the more she delved into healthy eating, the less she believed in the ideologies perpetrated by giant restaurant chains. She stopped being duped by their overtly flashy advertisements and decided to sink in amidst the masses to find out the truth for herself. What she found gave her an immense distaste for fast, junk foods, and she realized that there were a lot of myths surrounding it on the internet. And sadly, most of it was propagated by individuals who were ill-informed. Vani decided to use her abilities for good and opened up the blogging platform, which spoke out on the quality of food that certain restaurants prepared. 

Chicken Sandwich

So when Popeyes brought out their Spicy Chicken Sandwich a couple of years back, the Food Babe simply had to document it. With Popeyes being quite an adored fast food chain in the country, there could be no doubt as to how many people wanted to taste the sandwich. What really spiked Vani’s interest was that this restaurant never publicized the ingredients it used. Unlike other big chains like McDonald’s and KFC, the ingredients in Popeyes’ meals were kept under wraps. This is when she decided to do a little digging, and kept badgering them until they provided her with the full list of ingredients. And what she found, shocked her to the core!

The Chicken Sandwich from Popeyes Uses MSG Thrice!

The first thing the Food Babe noticed was that the Spicy Chicken Sandwich was being spiked with MSG thrice. Initially, MSG was injected straight into the raw, uncooked chicken. After that, it was added to the seasoning. And finally, it was applied to the cooking batter after being transformed into Yeast Extract.

Now, while MSG could be consumable once a month, there are justified reasons why it shouldn’t be utilized so much in sandwiches and other products. The Food Babe mentioned that MSG made one crave food even further. Apart from that, there was no requirement for MSG in any dietary item. And according to Vani, this could be one of the reasons why people kept flocking to this fast food chain to consume their chicken sandwiches again and again. 

Vani herself was an unhealthy teenager, and she knows how difficult it is to live that life. After substituting her junk diet with a completely healthy diet, she realized that one didn’t need to add chemicals to make one’s food tastier. And at the end of it, the results were there for everyone to take a look at. Vani had completely transformed the way she looked- which to a certain extent transformed the way she thought and felt about things. 


Chicken Sandwich


She also discovered that Popeyes, along with their chicken sandwich, added several other ingredients to their other products. The fast food chain used to repeatedly delve into artificial colors, which are may lead to the cause of hyperactivity in children. The Food Babe also mentioned that artificial colors also disrupted the immune system in individuals. Popeyes also had generous helpings of powdered Cellulose and Methylcellulose, which is a thickener that is usually made from wood. 

The Food Babe also mentions that Popeyes, which is owned by Burger King, had announced that they would be banning around 120 artificial ingredients. But Vani thinks that this is a face, and most of the ingredients that they had banned had already been rejected by the FDA. So, they didn’t go out of their way to ban something- they simply added things to the list that the FDA had also not approved. In conclusion, Vani, aka The Food Babe, was definitely not going to try the Chicken Sandwich from Popeyes and strongly advises anyone else against it too.

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