Video Shows Food Delivery Robot Rolling Through Active Crime Scene Under Police Tape

Food Delivery Robot

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

When the customer wants food, the customer wants food! And come rain or sun, nothing is going to stop the customer from getting their food. Recently, a food delivery robot showed immense disregard for law enforcement in the country.


The robot delivery service quite suavely passed through a police tape to deliver its food. The video was posted by the Film The Police LA, a popular police transparency page. It showed a food delivery robot– under the service of Serve Robotics- driving under the police tape. Serve Robotics is collaborating with Uber Eats, so one can assume that this was a food delivery at what looked like an active crime scene. It was rumored that a school shooting was going on- which later turned out to be a hoax. Nonetheless, one cannot deny that this was quite traumatizing.

Speaking to Vice’s Motherboard, a spokesperson for this food delivery robot stated that they were also quite surprised with this situation. As it turns out, the standard procedure for operating would be to find better routes and not cross-barrier tapes. In this particular situation, the supervisor of the robot apparently believed that they were being waved through. Nevertheless, they would be ensuring that proper decorum and protocol were followed in the future.  

Food Delivery Robots- Necessity Or A Waste Of Energy?

If one were to pay close attention to the video, they would see the food delivery robot passing under the tape after one lifted it. A person standing nearby then stated that there could be a bomb in that robot. To this, another person agreed that this would be quite an easy way to bomb people. One could also see a Lime scooter lying next to the robot. Incidentally, this is not just fanciful thinking. Back in 2016, law enforcement in Dallas had put bombs on a bomb disposal robot and sent it careening toward a suspected mass shooter. After it reached the shooter, the police detonated the bomb- killing him. 

This fear gets exacerbated as the last couple of years have seen quite a rise in food delivery robots in LA. This is piloted remotely and carries cooler-shaped chests. What makes the situation even more worrisome is the degree of autonomy some companies have given to remote pilots. In Santa Monica, a firm called Coco has turned the entire food delivery market into a real-life video game. The pilots of these carrier robots literally use an Xbox controller and a bunch of cameras to guide them along the way. The parent company, Serve Robotics, claims that these robots operate with Level 4 autonomy. 

Could Food Delivery Robots Pose a Phantom Menace?

To those who frequent Los Angeles, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that food delivery robots aren’t really appreciated a lot. The city is already filled to the brim with bikers and pedestrians, and having a chunky robot on the sidewalk can be irritating. Just a few months ago, Motherboard discovered that most pedestrians didn’t know what they were supposed to do with a food delivery robot around. 

One police report that Motherboard obtained showed that the previous year, a man had come up to one of these food delivery robots and gone completely berserk. He first picked the robot up and swing it at the ground as hard as he could. After that, he kept kicking the inert robot until he was apparently satisfied. Later, he simply walked away. There have been several complaints made to the police by residents who claimed that such robots blocked the sidewalk for pedestrians- for they weren’t exactly minuscule. 

Now, some of us may think that the entire situation is funny- but it might not always be the case. A wrong move could make this venture quite dangerous- and dystopian. The real question is- are food delivery robots really necessary?

Image Credits: Twitter | Film the Police LA

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