Why Everyone Should Add Black Garlic To Their Diet

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Black garlic is quite an essential ingredient for any savory dish. Raw garlic is one such condominium that affects the flavor profile of any dish that you are cooking.


And it also has added benefits of putting out several health advantages. If one were to go along with the words of Beth Czerwony, RD (Registered Dietitian), black garlic is quite a necessary part of one’s diet. This is created through an extensive aging process. And it involves raw, white bulbs of garlic that are kept between temperatures of 140 and 190 F at high humidity. Sometimes, they are even kept up for a month. This process, one can already assume would change the texture, color, and taste of the entire garlic bulb.


The 6 Health Benefits of Black Garlic In One’s Diet

Contains Antioxidants

Since black garlic is created out of a fermentation process, it contains a greater volume of antioxidants compared to normal raw garlic. This is, in part, due to allicin- which is the compound that gives garlic its odor when it is crushed. The allicin in the item gets transformed into antioxidant compounds like flavonoids and alkaloids as black garlic ferments. 

Regulates Blood Sugar

People with a high rate of blood sugar are quite susceptible to several complications like infections, kidney damage, and heart disease. In a study that was conducted in 2019, rats that were fed a diet that was high in sugar and fat were treated with black garlic extracts. It was found that the rats showed significant improvement in their metabolism. Interestingly, they also had lower cholesterol, as well as decreased inflammation. 

Reduces The Possibility of Heart Disease

There have been several studies that point toward the utility of black garlic in reducing the possibility of heart disease. In fact, some studies have also shown that garlic could reduce the levels of cholesterol. Consuming garlic can also increase HDL- which is good cholesterol. A single animal study did strike gold when it was comparing the effects of black and raw garlic in rats. One needs to remember that the rats were recovering from significant heart damage due to ischemia. Researchers discovered that both black, and raw garlic helped in opening up the circulation that would prevent the heart from receiving further damage. 

Protects Brain Health

There are several properties in black garlic that could prevent any form of inflammation that would impair memory. Scientists have put forth the opinion that the accumulation of a protein compound called beta-amyloid increases the risk of Alzheimer’s in one’s brain. Consuming garlic, then, would reduce the brain inflammation that has been caused by this protein compound, at least in rats. One study also claims that it could improve one’s short-term memory. 

Contains Anti-Cancer Properties

Several research studies have discovered that there was a positive effect of black garlic in combatting the cells that caused cancer. In a test tube study conducted with the blood samples of 21 separate individuals, black garlic extract did show high antioxidant, immune-stimulating, and anticancer activities than just raw garlic extract. In certain situations, researchers also found out that the black garlic extract solution was highly toxic to breast, lung, liver, and stomach cancer cells within the first 72 hours. 

Protects Liver

Some studies have discovered that black garlic is quite adept at protecting the liver from damage. And this damage could take place through exposure to medications, chemicals, germs, and alcohol. This fermented garlic is also helpful in situations that are quite chronic. For example, one study with animals showed how black garlic improved the overall liver function in the case of chronic liver damage that was the result of consuming alcohol. 


Black garlic can be found easily in several specialty supermarkets. Or, one could visit some online health food stores- where they would be able to choose from whole bulbs, purees, peeled cloves, and other variants. After purchasing it, one needs to keep it at room temperature until the pack is unsealed. Beyond that, the garlic stub should be refrigerated before use.

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