Finnair Now Sells Airplane Food In A Grocery Store


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Finnair is an airplane carrier from Finland that will now sell its business class airplane food in local supermarkets. The pandemic and its subsequent lockdown have immensely affected the airline and hospitality industry. Most carriers are struggling and laying off most employees. 

In a bid to support their catering staff, this Finnish airline decided to offer to the general public a taste of their airline experience. And if you have been missing your frequent flights, this would be a great way to have a mini experience!


Taste of Finnair

Finnair said that “Taste of Finnair” is a pilot scheme of handmade meals. They will start with one store and see how the public reacts. The state-controlled airline will offer ready-made dishes like Arctic char, Japanese-style teriyaki beef, and meatballs. These are more suited to the Asian and Nordic palates, and Finnair Kitchen will be pricing them at about $12-$15. Finnair is one of the most commonly used airlines between Asia and Europe, with many Asian chefs working in its catering unit.

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The airline is collaborating with the K-Citymarket Tammisto for this effort. Kimmo Sivonen, the store manager, told a local newspaper how the airline dishes had to be modified with fewer spices and salt. Airplane food is spicier because our sense of taste becomes dull as we rise to higher altitudes. 

“I think everyone has a bit of wanderlust these days and we can now satisfy that need a bit,” K-Citymarket’s Sivonen said.



Marika Nieminen, Finnair Kitchen VP, said that their catering unit was planning on expanding. Since April they had been thinking of reaching out beyond traditional flight meal services. Like many other airlines, Finnair too had to temporarily lay off a large section of its 7000-strong workforce. Nieminen believes with this new effort to sell airplane food in local stores, they would be able to create new employment for their people.

All images: Finnair

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