After 24 Years Of Hard Work This Airplane Cleaner Became A Captain


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

We’ve all stumbled upon inspirational quotes like “work hard in silence, let your success make the noise”, but how many times have we seen it come true? Mohammed Abubakar restores our faith in dreaming big and his story is bound to make you fight harder to achieve your goals.

This Nigerian man started working as a cleaner at Air Azman about twenty-four years ago. But how he went on to become a cleaner is also an interesting story. After finishing school, he went to Kaduna to get enrolled in Kaduna Polytechnic. Unfortunately (or fortunately), he was late and failed to get admission.

from cleaner to captain

Being unemployed was not on the mind of Mohammed Abubakar and so, he took up the casual job of an aircraft cleaner. It was a small amount of money and many thought that he wouldn’t last for long in this menial job. But Abubakar persisted and was soon, employed as the ground staff. He learned a lot about the aviation industry.

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After a solid performance, Abubakar got the chance to become a cabin crew member at an amazing salary. Later on, he moved to Aero Contractors as a flight attendant. When Aero Contractors started doing scheduled services, he provided some valuable input which helped the company. Pleased by his cooperation, the Deputy Managing Director gave him a huge salary. He was shocked.

from cleaner to captain1

But he did not spend the money right away. He talked to the managing director, took his advice and went on to fulfill his dream: becoming a pilot.

from cleaner to captain2

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