Video Shows Farmer Shooting Baby Goats In The Head And Throwing Them Away Like Trash

Farmer Shooting Baby Goats In The Head

By John Vibes / Truth Theory

Last year, animal rights activists infiltrated a farm in Victoria, Australia, and captured horrific footage of a farmer mistreating animals. In one video that was later released by the animal rights group Aussie Farms, the farmer can be seen shooting baby goats in the head and then dumping them like trash into a bin just days after they were born. The animals were reportedly killed as a part of a “mass cull.”

Farmer Shoots Goat

Chris Delforce, director of the activist group Aussie Farms, told Yahoo News Australia that baby goats are routinely killed on many farms because they are considered a waste product.

“The baby males are considered a waste product – this is the dark side of the dairy industry that the industry doesn’t want to acknowledge. They keep it secret from consumers. Like humans they don’t lactate without first giving birth. The babies are taken away from the mothers. If they’re males they’re useless and killed, if they’re females they’ll be put into the cycle to replace the milkers,” Delforce said.

Other videos released around the same time by the group Animal Liberation Victoria, showed a different Victorian farmer bludgeoning baby goats to death with a blunt object. Once these videos went viral, many people were surprised to learn that these practices are entirely legal.

Farmet Shooting Goat

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The videos are extremely graphic, but despite the brutal nature of what they are doing, the farmers in both videos act extremely casual about it. After the incident, Australian politicians responded with promises of policy changes, but ultimately, the government instead decided to launch an inquiry into animal rights organizations and their negative impact on the agriculture industry.

Following the inquiry, the government ruled that they would continue to support the country’s agriculture industry with strict enforcement against animal rights activists who trespass on farms and steep fines to go along with the charges.

All Images Credit: Farm Transparency Project

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