How Complaining Changes Your Brain – Vlog #09

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Why do we complain? Are there any benefits to this habit? What are the side effects? Research says that people who complain regularly create new neural pathways that shift their focus on negativity. The more you complain, the more negative you are, the more often you start seeing the glass half empty.

Take responsibility. I have seen so many people who hated their jobs, they would complain regularly, but they would never bother to change their job. They were afraid of a change. It is in your hands, if something is not working for you, start thinking about how to change this situation. Another example is our friends. Sometimes we get disappointed with our friends, and we start complaining about them. You decided to hang out with this person, take responsibility. If the situation repeats more often, maybe it means you shouldn’t spend time with this person. 

No one likes to listen to someone complaining, it doesn’t help you and it doesn’t help those that have to listen to it, keep that in mind. 

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