‘Dangerous’ Chemicals Found In 80% Of Food From McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, And Domino’s


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Several dangerous chemicals have been found in the foods from your favorite eating places. These chemicals in fast foods can cause reproductive issues and affect learning in children.

Various samples were taken from Burger King, McDonald’s, Domino’s, Chipotle meals, and Pizza Hut, and were seen to contain traces of industrial chemicals. The study was conducted by George Washington University

A Study Was Conducted To Test The Dangerous Chemicals In Fast Foods

A study was based on such samples and it found tiny amounts of phthalates. These chemicals are used in the softening of plastics and were observed in 80% of the samples. This chemical causes several health problems as it is affecting your endocrine system. It affects the glands that secrete hormones in your body.


These phthalates are also related to infertility issues. A 2020 study had found that this chemical can induce alterations during puberty, develop testicular dysgenesis syndrome and cancer in both sexes.

Some studies had called for policy reforms to be made on such chemicals in fast foods after it was seen that they raised the risk of learning and behavioral disorders in children.

These phthalates are used in a plethora of things are mostly seen in rubber gloves and industrial tubes. 

The processing of food is different in different countries so the way these fast foods are prepared in different countries is not similar at all.

Researchers had taken this into account as these chemicals in fast foods can migrate from such items to the food, which is then ingested by people like us.

The Chemicals In Fast Foods Goes Through A Long Chain Of Processes

The food that is sold by these fast-food chains goes through a process of packaging, cooking, and handling before ending up in the consumer’s tummies.

Rubber gloves that were used by the people at these fast-food joints were also taken for this study and were found to have traces of this dangerous chemical.

The foods that contained meat had higher levels of these chemicals, as found out by the experts at the George Washington University. The cheeseburgers and chicken burritos had tested high for a plasticizer known as DEHT. This chemical was originally designed to replace the old phthalates. 


Products like fries and cheese pizzas contained the lowest levels of chemicals. 

The researchers ordered products like burgers and added cheese, tomatoes, onions, pickles while the hamburger patties were ordered without any toppings.

They also ordered two different types of burritos, one with white rice, cheese, black beans, and mild salsa while the other one was with cheese, refried pinto beans, sour cream, and onions.

The testing was done with 5 grams of each food item. 

Around 80% of the foods that were tested contained a phthalate called DnBP which is linked to asthma. Around 70% of the samples contained DEHP which was linked to reproductive issues.

The FDA in the US has no legal limit on the amount of these chemicals in fast foods. The UK placed some restrictions on these chemicals on the 22nd of July, 2019 while some medical devices were exempted from it till July 2021.

It is said that if you prepare fresh food every day, it would still have some contact with plastics, such as fresh vegetables and fruits that were washed with a plastic hose.

Image credit: 123RF, Wikimedia Commons

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