Despite All Challenges, This Group Of Chefs Are Feeding 10,000 Hurricane Dorian Victims Daily

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The Hurricane Dorian has almost wrecked a significant part of the Bahamas. However, even though natural disasters may affect us adversely, the human race, due to their efforts to help others, is not held back ever. This time, like before, many volunteers have come forward to help the victims of Hurricane Dorian. In these situations of natural disasters, food becomes especially scarce. Enter José Andrés, an American chef and the founder of the World Central Kitchen. It is a nonprofit organization that helps people affected by man-made or natural disasters by providing them food. The Haitian earthquake in 2010 made Andrés take this altruistic path.

Hurricane Dorain has been described as a Category 5 hurricane and severe destruction fell on the Bahamas for about two whole days. There have been about 20 casualties in all, at the least. Hence, World Central Kitchen had to get into action to help the victims. Josh Phelps, who is in charge as the relief operations manager of the organization, said that his team was planning on how to send the food to their base at Atlantis Bahamas. This is a resort that is just off Nassau – a seafood restaurant owned by Andrés. They are all trying to make as many sandwiches as possible – Jose’s signature dish – ham and cheese sandwich. It can be made fast and it’s considered a good way to start off such a mission. 

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Many people outside the organization have also come in to help out. Guests and other volunteers joined in the effort. The organization does not do any kind of cost-cutting when they are serving people who have been affected. A lot of work goes into the food as they try to keep it restaurant-quality. The food is prepared with kindness and expertise. On top of that, the plans are designed to not just go and serve people. The survivors require a shoulder to support them, an ear to hear their voice. The volunteers try to stay with the survivors and listen to them. They become their generous companion as they eat their meal.

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However, moving the equipment and volunteers across the disaster-affected area and floods has been a major difficulty. As of now, they have tried to use barges, helicopters and other amphibious vehicles to transport food or set-up a kitchen in the field. Phelps has said that there are about 4 kitchens and they have a lot of volunteers. They can produce food that could serve about 10,000 individuals every day. But the transit is a hassle. Hence, World Central Kitchen is hoping to partner up with local governments and church leaders to get better access to the affected people. They also want to diversify their supply by using vendors and agents. They are even trying to ship out some food with a boat too. So, from their part, they are trying their best to get the food to the survivors.

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As of now, the organization requires more people who are willing to go on the ground. They hope to find more chefs willing to join them. Local people are trying to help too. However, most of them have been affected in some way or another.

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World Central Kitchen is also planning on some great long-term projects like environmental health, improvement of food security, professional training in culinary arts, job creation, etc. They just need the support of people.

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For daily updates of this perilous mission, you can check their Twitter account. You can donate here too.


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