Police Spraying Hong Kong Protesters With Blue Dye To Mark Them For Arrest


By John Vibes / Truth Theory

The protesters in Hong Kong have gotten very creative with their tactics in the ongoing protests against conditions of the region’s political relationship with mainland China, but the police are starting to think outside the box as well.

In the thirteenth week of protests, police began using large water cannons to shoot blue dye at protesters, which allowed them to be marked for arrest later.


Luckily, many protesters had already been carrying a change of clothes so they were harder for authorities to identify if they were spotted, leaving them a few steps ahead of the police.

According to a Twitter post from Hong Kong-based Quartzreporter Mary Hui, the protestors were carrying around baking soda and alcohol wipes and then leaving the cleanup supplies in public areas so they weren’t found with them if they were stopped.

However, not everyone was so lucky.

Last week Hong Kong police said they had arrested 86 protesters since the demonstrations began. Their arrests included several prominent activists and journalists, as well as a 12-year-old child.

The water cannons with the blue dye were brought out to help enforce a ban that was implemented on protests. The police wanted to mark as many people who defied the ban as possible.

This week, Hong Kong’s controversial leader Carrie Lam finally announced the withdraw of the bill that initially sparked the protests. The proposed law would have allowed the government of mainland China to extradite anyone that they labeled as a criminal, and this was the focus of many of the demonstrations. However, many of the most influential activists involved in the protests say that this gesture is far too little and way too late.

Now the people of Hong Kong want justice for those who were hurt and killed by the police violence in the demonstrations, and they are demanding the release of those who are still in police custody for protesting.


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Many of the protesters are now demanding total independence from mainland China and the immediate resignation of the current administration, followed by open elections to decide the terms and leaders of the new government.

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