Florida Man Spends Nearly $50,000 To Send 100 Generators To Victims Of Hurricane Dorian

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A shopper who shall remain nameless has received appreciation throughout social media for spending an enormous amount on generators, simply to facilitate living for the victims of the Hurricane Dorian living in the Bahamas.

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Alec Sprague was the one who clicked the picture, as the shopper shopped at Jacksonville, Florida at a store of Costco. Sprague himself was purchasing a generator when he found his co-shopper buying 10 generators at $450 each to send to the victims in the Bahamas. He also bought an assortment of food products that would be sent as well. His total bill came to about $49,285.

CNN reported the man saying how it was important that all of us do something to help when we see other people in need. It would be a thousand times better than simply sitting and watching the time fly by.

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Errol Thurston Bahamas Hurricane Relief Fund would be shipping the goods to the Bahamas via boats.

Although the mystery man didn’t want his name anywhere, Sprague managed to snap a quick picture and uploaded it on social media, where it has already garnered around 34,000 shares.

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Sprague mentions how shaking his arm and thanking him was all that he could do at that point!

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