Undercover Investigation In Peru Reveals Horrifying Treatment Of Alpacas On Wool Farms

Exploitation Of Alpacas

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

“WARNING: This article contains disturbing images and videos not suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.”

PETA is appealing to all the retailers to avoid alpaca wool. This is after they had conducted their undercover investigation on the huge alpaca farm owned by Mallkini. This investigation has disclosed the outrageous exploitation of alpacas.

If you watch the video revealed by PETA, you would never want to wear or use sweaters, scarves, or woolen yarn obtained from the heinous exploitation of alpacas. The video clipping is extremely disturbing and appalling to everyone.

Mallkini is one of the largest farms of alpaca. Situated in Peru, Michell Group is the private owner of the farm.  They are the world’s biggest exporter of yarn and tops acquired from the exploitation of alpaca wool. They are also a massive supplier to big brands like Anthropologie.


Alarming Video Of Exploitation Of Alpacas

The undercover investigation carried out by PETA has shown that the workers of Mallkini are holding down the alpacas by their tail and ears while they are crying out in fear and pain. The exploitation of alpacas is dreadful. They are shorn of their wool with electric clippers in a very rough and aggressive manner. The video shows numerous alpacas vomiting after such violent mistreatment. They vomit out of fear and fright.

The video clipping goes on to reveal more dreadful practices conducted by the workers in the specific Mallkini location. It shows that the workers violently slam the alpacas on the tables. Some pregnant alpacas are also violently treated by the workers.

Animal experts say that being restrained is extremely distressing for alpacas, who are prey animals and fear that they are about to be killed.

“Alpacas … have an innate instinct to flee from danger and potential harm. Restraining them on their backs and sides would cause fear, panic, and severe psychological distress,“ one expert told PETA.

Photos show groups of the animals huddling together in fear as they watch their family members and friends be abused. Many of the animals are ultimately killed for their meat once they are no longer useful for their fleece.

The video reveals the alpaca being tied to primitive-looking restraining tools.  The workers then pull their legs apart in a barbaric manner. The exploitation of alpacas is to such an extent that numerous alpacas incur deep wounds that openly bleed. The innocent animals suffer shock and terror because their legs are wrenched apart. They also have deep gashes.

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The workers sew the wounds of these alpacas. However, they take no care. The workers do not provide any medication for pain relief.  As a result, the sewing up makes no difference.

Mallkini Facing Investigation

The investigation by PETA has finally revealed the atrocious exploitation of alpacas. These alpacas go through a violent process of shearing. They freeze with fear and shock. They profusely bleed, vomit, and cry out for help.

Towards the end of the video, PETA has urged every person to protect these helpless animals from inhuman exploitation by prohibiting alpaca wool. They also appealed to retailers to ban the sale of alpaca products.

The affiliates of PETA, Smith & Caughey, Marks and Spencer, and ESPRIT have decided to gradually eliminate alpaca products. Gap Inc and H&M have already severed ties with Michell Group that supplied products produced after severe exploitation of alpacas in their workshops.


However, Mallkini’s official website states that they ensure animal protection. The workers sheer the alpacas during the shearing season. They claim to do it under strict supervision and take a lot of care. They always safeguard animal sustainability.

Mallkini is facing an investigation from the Peruvian authorities against exploitation of alpacas and possible animal rights violations.

This is just one of many recent PETA investigations that have caused suppliers to change their business practices. Earlier this year, Truth Theory reported that Sephora stopped carrying mink fur eyelashes after a PETA investigation revealed terrible conditions at the world’s top mink farms.

Image Credits: PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)& PETA 

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