Can We Truly Escape “The Matrix Life”?

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By Mike Sygula / Truth Theory

Many of us are tired of living “the Matrix life.” There is a lot of uncertainty in the air. The cost of living is on the rise, and AI and automation might soon take away many of our jobs. Life for many people is a constant struggle for survival. Is it possible to truly “escape the Matrix life”? Some people have decided to move away from big city life and live off the grid.

I know a couple from the UK that bought a small farm in Portugal, and they are slowly trying to turn it into an off-grid homestead.

Another guy I know is trying to sell his apartment in Poland and move to an ecovillage in Ecuador, where he can grow some fruits and vegetables and live a mostly self-sustained life. For the British couple, they still need to finance some of their efforts; fortunately, they are able to make some money while working online. These sound like viable options, but they might not be for everyone. Not everyone can afford to buy land in a remote location. Not everyone is used to living in a rainforest-type climate where they need to learn farming and are away from some of the benefits of city life.

For most of us, we are still “in the matrix.” We still need to earn money and keep paying our bills. However, many areas of our lives could be significantly improved. In my view, the more we improve some aspects of our lives, the closer we get to “escaping the matrix.”

What are these areas I’m thinking about?

Overall happiness: Everyone wants to be happy, but not everyone knows how to achieve true happiness.

Relationships: Many of us end up in unhappy relationships or can’t find the right person.

Finding our purpose: Often, to excel at something and find meaning in life, you need to pursue your passion.

However, the most important aspect, in my view, is figuring out what is blocking us in life. I recently created a free online masterclass that can help you to learn what is blocking you from reaching your goals. It also can help you to deprogram yourself from the “matrix programming”. 

You can watch it HERE

I hope this masterclass will blow your mind. 

Peace and love


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