More People Want To Live Off Grid, These Guys Started Ecovillage In Ecuador And You Can Live There

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By Mike Sygula / Truth Theory

The world today is highly unpredictable, with factors such as pandemics, wars, persistent inflation, AI, and job automation causing significant concerns. Life in major cities can be extremely stressful, as even well-paying jobs often fail to cover all expenses. Take London, for instance; a basic job may yield a monthly salary of £1600 ($2000) or more, but renting a room in shared accommodation can cost at least £700 or £800 per month. When you factor in food expenses and travel costs, survival becomes a significant challenge. In contrast, the same amount of money could hold much greater value in places like Ecuador. Recently, I met someone who made the decision to sell their apartment and relocate there, with plans to purchase land on a permaculture farm in Ecuador.

If you aren’t familiar with the word “permaculture”. Permaculture is basically a holistic and sustainable design philosophy that seeks to mimic the patterns and principles found in natural ecosystems to create resilient and regenerative human environments. It emphasizes the careful observation and understanding of ecological processes, promoting practices such as organic gardening, agroforestry, and sustainable architecture to foster self-sufficiency, reduce waste, and promote biodiversity.

Fruithaven Ecovillage is situated in the foothills of the Andes on the edge of the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador. Some people choose to make it their permanent home, while others come for a few weeks or months. They offer various accommodation options for those who wish to stay, opportunities for volunteering on eco farms, and programs for those interested in permanent residency and land ownership. Recently, I’ve been hearing more and more from different friends about similar ideas or plans to escape the Matrix-like urban life. Many of these places are largely self-sufficient, producing their own food and often utilizing solar panels for electricity. You can watch a mini-documentary below to get a glimpse of life in Fruithaven Ecovillage.

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