Do you know what is blocking you from reaching your full potential?

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By Mike Sygula / Truth Theory

One of the biggest realizations for me, in the last few years was when I finally understood why we attract certain situations, scenarios, and people into our lives and what is blocking us from reaching our potential.

This realization came after noticing repetitive scenarios in myself and the people around me.

Carl Gustaw Jung – a Swiss Psychologist coined the term called “Shadow”


Jung’s concept of the “shadow” refers to the unconscious parts of an individual’s personality that they reject, deny, or suppress. These are aspects of the self that are considered negative, undesirable, or even shameful. Examples of the shadow may include traits such as anger, jealousy, selfishness, greed, or sexual desire that an individual may not want to acknowledge or express. Other examples are things like; offensive behavior towards others, self-sabotage, deceiving others, etc.

Ok, so you get the idea of what are some examples of the “shadow aspects” of our personality. We all have shadow aspects and they affect our lives directly. For example, someone who is a chronic complainer might see scenarios where friends of this person might decide to not hang out with them, as they just can’t listen to constant complaining. Someone who is hot-tempered might randomly snap at people and this might result in conflicts with others, friends, work colleagues, boss, etc.

The way our shadows affect our lives directly is one thing, but our shadow aspects also affect our lives on a completely different level. And most people have no idea about it!

Let me explain it further. Instead of the term “shadow” I prefer to say that we are “out of balance”. These shadow aspects basically mean that we are out of balance in some specific area.

Whatever is that is out of balance in you, will reflect in what you attract to your life. Another important thing to remember here is that our intentions also affect what we attract.

Now keep in mind that if we attract everything into our lives from people, situations, employees, clients, business partners, work colleagues, dates, potential friendships, etc., The quality of what you attract is affected by your intentions.

Now it is not only that your intentions matter but also how balanced or imbalanced you are and what is your state of being that defines what you attract.

These 2 are important.

I think the best way for me to illustrate it is on an example.

Someone I know, female was looking for a relationship, preference (intentions) someone smarter, maybe more experienced in life, better off with money, etc.

Ok, bit superficial intentions here, conditions that are based around superficial desires. On top of that wants more than offers. So someone who has more money for example. If you want more than you offer, there has to be a lack somewhere else.

Now this person has very strong imbalances, chronic complainer, mild neurosis, lack of self-love.. Very negative, always dwelling on what’s wrong, etc.

Very much out of balance.

So what happened, she attracts a relationship.

The guy is what she asked for. Older, more experienced in life, makes way more money than her.

But there is a problem.

Her quite superficial intentions attracted a guy with superficial intentions towards her.

So he is more interested in having sex with her, likes her for her look, etc, the fact that he has money doesn’t do much, turns out to be very selfish and greedy.

So here you see an example of what I said earlier, superficial intentions, I want a guy with money, attracted superficial intentions towards her, I like to date her because of her body, sex, etc..

There are other things of course but these are some of the important aspects here how this attraction formed.

Now there is another big problem here.

As mentioned she has very strong imbalances almost pathological, she is a chronic complainer and has neurotic behaviors sometimes. Now, the guy, on the other hand, is a womanizer and has serious problems with partying, drinking, etc.

Strong imbalance attracted strong imbalance.

Seems unrelated, what does her complaining have to do with his drinking issues?

The imbalances can have very different forms but they will manifest someone with a similar level of imbalance.

Now the interesting thing here is that the imbalances in both of them cancel each other out.

He doesn’t like the fact that she complains a lot, she doesn’t like the fact that he drinks, parties and is a womanizer, etc…

I hope this makes sense, superficial intentions brought superficial intentions. Lack of balance in some areas attracted someone with a lack of balance in another area.

Now keep in mind that this works with everything, business, friendships, relationships, etc.

What we attract typically will somehow reflect our state of being (one way or another) and our desires and intentions will put some type of form here.

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Peace and love!


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