Bus Shelter For The Homeless Has 7 Sleeping Pods

Bus shelter is a new way to help the homeless, a charity from Buckinghamshire has reported. The night shelter also uses a shipping container. It has built seven individual rooms for people to accommodate and get through the rough nights in Milton Keynes. The bus-themed shelter could be used for rough sleepers in the night. The ones who sleep on streets or can find no place of their own. 

The bus themed shelter was first founded in Milton Keynes. It was founded by The Bus Shelter MK back in 2017. Its aim is to support the homeless of the place. It wants to let people in who hope to change their lives around. And get back to adding to mainstream society. The nights during winter can be cold in Buckinghamshire. To help the needy through the bitter, chilled moon-time, the charity has organized a new bus. 

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The Bus Shelter MK’s Mission

The bus shelter used to be tour buses for musicians. They belonged to stars like Rod Stewart and Robbie Williams. These buses are now retired and are in no use, as of lately. It has the volume to sleep more than sixteen people. The vehicle also has a kitchen. They bought it for 10,000 GBP, for a loan. The charity used shipping containers to turn the buses into pods for the homeless. 

They transformed the buses into pods with the idea that anyone can go homeless. Homelessness has no plan. It happens and can happen to anyone. Even we may be a couple of pay packets apart from being homeless. Hence, a batch of citizens run this charity. They rely largely on raising funds. Bus Shelter MK also depends on pledged time as well as money. Their only main mission is to help people off the streets. They started with giving warm places to sleep. The charity also provides food to eat. 

Bus Shelter MK’s Buses

So far, the charity only ran its functions with a double-decker bus shelter. But now, they got their hands on an old tour bus. They bought it on a loan. The crew was finding a semi-permanent place to set their bus. It would also have a mobile shower and toilet unit. They did find a vacant site. It was a storage building. The crew leased it from a local council. 

A very tough 2020 led to the charity losing fundraisers. They lost more than 85% of the income due to the pandemic. The crew was in dire need of good news. And did the news bring them what they wanted! 

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A Container Full Of Good News

Container Bus Shelter

Image Credit: Facebook/DoodleBuild

The Bus Shelter MK charity started to see hope in 2021. They got a new permanent site to park. Now they also have laundry, toilets, showers as well as kitchens building up yet. The last good news took the form of a shipping container. It was from Doodle Build. It sent a shipping container. They are specialists in conversions. Doodle Build custom convert containers that sit to rot. They are experts who specialize in building and designing containers. 

The bus originally cost 10,000 GBP. The company helped the bus shelter charity in creating their newest pods.

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