7-Year-Old Cavanaugh Bell Starts A Huge Food Pantry After Being Bullied By Peers

Cavanaugh's Food pantry

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

7-year-old Cavanaugh Bell has given revenge a new definition. Instead of waiting to serve it cold, he has simply decided to exact his revenge by living positively. After being repeatedly bullied at school, this energetic child decided to do something about his energy. He was not going to waste energy on revenge. He decided to open a huge food pantry to spread his positivity. On his GoFundMe page, Cavanaugh explained that after he faced bullying in his school, he came across this darkness that he had felt. And this can be ascertained that if he hadn’t decided to share his feelings in a positive way- he would have internalized it.

Cavanaugh Bell’s Huge Food Pantry Has Been a Major Trendsetter in his State

Cavanaugh's Food pantry

He then decided to ask his mother if she would be able to help him do his part of sharing positivity and love. And as it happens with charitable offerings- the more you give back, the more you want to. Cavanaugh Bell lives with his mother Llacey Simmons in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Even before he was bullied in school, he was already a stable contributor during the pandemic.

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Cavanaugh Bell decided to start this by getting fundings from his own saving initially. His process involved assembling and distributing food items in care packages for his neighbors who are quite elderly. After a point in time, the entire project started growing on a larger scale. And since a lot of contributions started coming in, his mom and he opened up a large food pantry in one of the spaces that a local warehouse donated.

Food pantry

Despite all the negativity that Cavanaugh had to face, his sole motivation for this food pantry project was his determination. And when he had enough contributions to hit the ground running, he decided to expand. He wanted to spread his message far and wide. This is what led him to find newer places that would enable residents to help out the society at large.

Cavanaugh Bell Believes Kindness and Compassion Would Solve Major Problems

Cavanaugh's Food pantry

He chanced upon the idea when he was recalling a road trip to Mount Rushmore in 2018. He had come across the South Dakota Pine Ridge Indian Reservation where his mom had explained that people who survived on reservation often didn’t have enough. In an interview, the 7-year-old mentioned that most of the houses along the way didn’t even have running water or electricity.

But things have changed now. Cavanaugh Bell and his mom have started accumulating enough contributions. And since there has been quite a stream of in-person donations along with GoFundMe, they aren’t lacking. Currently, the Bell family has enough to fill a 53-foot semi truck-twice from their food pantry.



Along with this humanitarian work, Cavanaugh Bell has also initiated a nonprofit called Cool & Dope. The main purpose of this startup is to fight the spread of bullying and spread compassion through kind acts. Something, he hopes, would completely eradicate bullying by the time he is 18.

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