Bear Cub Euthanized For Being Too “Friendly” With Humans

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Euthanasia can be a necessary evil at times. Especially, in this situation.

bear cub had been feeding on trail mix and interacting with humans for so long, that it had forgotten its own species’ abhorrence towards other wildlife. Precisely why it had to be euthanized, and also to warn other humans of feeding wildlife for their pleasure. The black bear cub was from Oregon. 


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The Sheriff’s office at Washington County had previously received several complaints of sightings of a bear cub, coupled with pictures on social media which showed humans taking ‘selfies’ with the cub. 

Then they decided to investigate and set a trap. 

After eventually catching the cub, the authorities had previously wanted to simply let it out in the wild, away from human settlement. But, seeing how comfortable it was around humans, they saw no choice but euthanizing it.

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This is perfectly correlative to what biologist Kurt Lloyd Licence mentioned in his statement, which implored people not to feed the animals. Even if their intentions were noble, it would do more harm than good. 

According to the law of Oregon state, it is prohibited to lure wildlife by scattering food. Not only could it make them horrifyingly sick, but it would also lead them to get increasingly comfortable around humans. This would definitely be a problem when the cub becomes an adult and is fully encompassed by its animal instincts. All of this was informed by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. 

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Even though there was outrage at the news that the animal would be euthanized, most people understood that it was not in their hands anymore, and drastic measures had to be taken. 

Most were angry at the people scattering the food. 

A regular to the Hagg Lake, local resident Jennifer Harrison vented to the Local News that the actions of a few humans led to the death of the cub. They thought their actions to be noble and well-intended, but it led to the loss of innocent life. 

And that was not okay. 

Forest rangers are of the opinion that the bear cub was three years old. 

Image Credit: Keaton

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