Taco Bell Customer Claims That She Found A DoorKnob In Her Nachos


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

For chips, Nachos are incredibly versatile. You can top them with any kind of meat or vegetables plus cheese and a bunch of sauces and everything will come together to give you a delicious dish. The only condition is that the toppings should be made of edible food ingredients. However, this one Taco Bell customer was in for the shock of her life when her nachos came with a topping she’d never even dreamt of – a doorknob.

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Door Nacho

If you’re feeling taken aback by the news, imagine what Eve Saint, a resident of Poughkeepsie, must have felt like when she dug into her dinner. She’d spent good three-quarters of an hour at the Fishkill Taco Bell drive-thru waiting for her dinner and just as she was preparing to enjoy it, she discovered an alien object hidden under the pico de gallo, sour cream, and guacamole. Knock-knock jokes are going to hit too close to home for Eve for some time now.

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Luckily Eve was able to take a picture and share it on Facebook, much to the disgust (and amusement?) of the social media community. Eve wrote, “TACO BELL IM COMING TO FUCK SOMEONE UP REAL FUNNY PUTTING A FUCKING DOOR KNOB IN MY NACHOS BITCH”. While her language might seem a tad bit strong, is it any different from how any of us would have reacted if we’d found something as unsavoury as a whole doorknob in our meal? I think not.

Even with the picture, many people reacted to the post with disbelief until Eve explained that as much as she wished for it to be fake, she was hungry and had been made to wait at the restaurant for almost an hour. But then she turned out to be the one person who opened their meal to find a doorknob. She was also wondering if the Taco Bell employees were just playing some sort of elaborate prank.

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Though she immediately rang up the Fishkill Taco Bell branch to discuss the issue with them, they dismissed her complaint as ‘impossible’ and hung up on her. She had to call them another ten times before they actually started paying attention to what she was trying to tell them. Since then they have given her an apology and promised her some lucrative discounts to make up for the trouble caused.

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They also discovered that the object in the food was not a doorknob (thankfully) but a cheese dispenser, something a lot more likely to be found in the kitchen. Eve was also offered free nachos since she’d lost her dinner. Taco Bell also made a statement saying that they were taking the matter seriously and that the franchisee operating the location was investigating the matter in order to ensure that everything was okay with the customer.

Eve’s story has since spread all over the internet and a lot of people are going to be extra wary before they start eating their nachos from now on!

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