You Can Plant This Egg Carton After You Use The Eggs

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

We have all heard the infinite loop- what came first, the chicken or the egg? 

Well, get ready for the new doozy- what came first, the egg or the plant?

With the entire world finally sitting up and taking notice of the precarious situation that our earth is in, designers have swiftly tried to change the way they produce, design, or market things. All to prevent waste from single-use products. Like, George Bosnas, a Greek designer, has just taken off the shroud of Biopack, an egg carton that comprises of paper pulp that is cleared, as well as starch, flour, and legume seeds. All you need to do is plant them in the ground after you are done, instead of throwing it away.

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The inspiration behind this innovation is a necessity. Recycling sounds good in theory, but the actual process is pretty tough, complex, and not as environment-friendly as one would have thought. It involves a lot of organization, gathering, transportation, processing, after which transporting the recycled material back again.


Therefore the best way to get rid of single-use products is to build a product that would completely eradicate the entire procedure of recycling or wastage. Enter, the Biopack, with a sustainable packaging that can hold up to 4 eggs.


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After the eggs are taken out, one can easily plant it in the soil and water it every single day instead of recycling. Within 30 days, one would see a plant shooting out.


It has a double advantage- one, that it prevents wastage. And two, that it can increase soil fertility.


So it’s your turn to do something for the environment you inhabit – go plant the trees!

Images Credit:  George Bosnas

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