Why Setting Intentions Is So Important – Vlog#06

Setting Intentions

Every decision we make has some kind of intention behind it. Intentions create outcomes. We attract people and situations that resonate with our intentions. In this video, I talk about how intentions matter in the law of attraction and decision making. For example, let’s say that you want to start a business. What is your intention behind this decision? Is it because you are passionate about the idea or maybe because you just want to make a lot of money? Here we have 2 diverse types of intentions. This now creates a blueprint of how we attract people and situations. Person who is doing something only for the money might attract people like partners or employees that have a similar blueprint. For example, a business partner might also be doing it only for the money, which can also create different repercussions. He might always put money first and not the ethics or quality for example. On the other hand, the person that is purely doing something because of some deeper purpose, they love what they do, they are extremely passionate about bringing this to life and money is secondary for them. They might be attracting people who also will have strong passion towards their idea.

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