These Giant Urban Flowers They Bloom When Pedestrians Stand Under Them


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory
In the past, most people would not want to be around Vallero Square in Jerusalem. This particular urban space has deteriorated over the years but now efforts are being made to restore it. If you’re ever lucky enough to visit it, you will get the opportunity to witness a breathtaking sight – two sets of gigantic flower sculptures called

They are so striking that it is impossible to miss them. Developed and installed by HQ Architects, this public artwork was designed to perfectly fit into this metropolitan area, while also lending it beauty and brilliance.

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According to HQ Architects, the intention was to make the square itself respond to the people there. By sitting under the sculptures, visitors get to enjoy a nice shady spot in the day and a light when it gets dark. When people leave, the flowers go back to sleep till the next set of visitors arrive and coax them out of their slumber.

And these aren’t ordinary sculptures either. These flowers are responsive to motion so they’re not always in bloom like ordinary sculptures. Whenever people or trolleys roll by close to them, the flowers unfurl to reveal their magnificence

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Earlier, the square was not in great condition with different clashing elements like tram lines, waste composters, and electricity stations and so on jostling for space. Through Warde, HQ has tried to make the urban area tighter and create something so fantastic that it hides the bleakness of the square. The installation welcomes each person who enters the square and makes the day a little brighter every time.

So, why don’t you visit it someday?

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HQ Architects: Website | Facebook

All images: Dor Kedmi

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