These Are Some Of The Most Incredible Photographs From The Hubble Space Telescope

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The Hubble Space Telescope turned 30 years old in April 2020. To celebrate this very special occasion, NASA had released a series of photographs captured by the telescope. 

Hubble had captured several images of the 3000-star cluster Westerlund 2. The Westerlund 2 system can be spotted in the Carina constellation, which is about 20,000 light-years away from us. The images were taken by Hubble over a period of nearly 20 years and now we can finally wonder at the starry wonders!

Orion Nebula

Eskimo Nebula

Star Camelopardalis


Hubble Space Telescope capured jupiter

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Horsehead Nebula

Westerlund 2

The Crab Nebula

crab nebula

Cosmic Caterpillar

Supernova Remnant Bubble

Overlapping Galaxies 2MASX J00482185-2507365

overlapping galaxies

Lenticular Galaxy NGC 5866

Retina Nebularetina captured by Hubble Space Telescope

Hoag’s Object Galaxy

Not just when Hubble turned 30, the Hubble team releases a new set of photographs each year on its birthday. The Hubble Space Telescope was launched way back in 1990, on 24th April. To this day it is one of the most helpful tools we have to study the unknown parts of our vast universe.

Sombrero Galaxy

Sombrero on Hubble Space Telescope


The “Black Eye” Galaxy

Supernova Remnant LMC N 49

Hubble Space Telescope captures LMC

Supernova Remnant Cassiopeia A

Ring Galaxy AM 0644-741

ring galaxy on Hubble Space Telescope

Images Credit: NASA/ESA/Flickr

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