9-Year-Old-Girl From Virginia With No Hands Won Second National Handwriting Award

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Many of us are privileged in some way, even though we may not realize it completely. Think about it – you might be reading this article and not realize that there are thousands of blind people who cannot read this article with you nor share it. It’s not our fault, of course, but it does go a great length to humble us. The same goes for a simple task as writing. Many of us not only write but rather judge a person’s character based on handwriting. Well – there are many people in the world with no hands to write.

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And then, there is a light like Anaya Ellick – who can write marvelously even without hands.

Actually, she could write so well that in 2016, she won the national penmanship contest. 

Anaya held the pencil at a tough spot – between her wrists – and then, she carefully crafted the neat letters. It was her hard work that earned her Nicholas Maxim Special Award for Excellence in Manuscript Penmanship. Zaner-Bloser, an educational company, is known to give out this award.   

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According to GCA Principal Tracy Cox, Anaya is remarkable and she does not let her handicap make her feel any less than the other kids. She works hard on herself and on her handwriting too. It reflects every bit of sweat that she shed to make her work stand out from the rest.

To participate in the Nicholas Maxim Award, a student should have cognitive issues, or physical, developmental or intellectual disability. There were around 50 participants in 2016.   

Anaya is a normal kid except her hands which taper into wrists.

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Anaya had a precocity from the time when she was a kid. And she had immense determination. While she could not hold a pacifier, she kept it in place in her mouth by keeping pressure against it with her arm. When she grew up, she developed a taste for the arts. And so, she balanced a marker or crayon between her arms and started to draw. When she was just 5, she stopped the use of prosthetics, as according to her, they were uncomfortable and a burden. Even at that age, she also kept correcting her father whenever he was wrong about something!

For her parents, every day is a learning experience and Anaya is the teacher.  

Image Credits: Greenbrier Christian Academy

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