The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation Donated $500,000 To Build Housing For Homeless Veterans

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Jon Bon Jovi’s latest hit “Unbroken” honors veterans of the country who have not only fought for the country but are still fighting a personal struggle. Most veterans end up being victims of PTSD and there is not enough awareness about it. So this Grammy-winner decided to not only spread awareness but also do something worthwhile.

Through his JBJ Soul Foundation, this philanthropist has donated a huge amount of $500,000 to construct the Walter Reed facility for veterans of the country. The facility is located in Washington DC.

The Soul Foundation cooperated with HELP USA and constructed the facility. The total time to construct spanned over the decade but now it is finally functional. Jovi mentioned that the facility will be housing 77 homeless veterans!

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Clifton Braxton, one such occupant of the Walter Reed facility explained how much the place means for him. When he returned home after his duty, things were not how they used to be. And not everyone can adjust to change easily. Added to that were the intense trauma and terrible memories of war. It took him nearly 20 years to come to terms with his PTSD. But even then, things were not okay.


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Still, he is thankful to have found this facility, a place to call his own. The center not only houses homeless veterans but also conducts various programs to help these people become independent. Braxton further explains how despite all he has gone through, the new bed and a room to himself make him really thankful to life. He says that the facility has water supply, electricity, everyone gets their own room, and no one will be asked to leave. He and many others like him cherish the protection of the facility as opposed to their lives on the streets.

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The facility expects to house 300 vets. People with 50% or less of the median income will qualify and have to pay 30% of their income as rent. Most of these homeless veterans receive wages from jobs or have pensions, while some also receive money from Social Security.

This facility for homeless veterans has a courtyard, a gym, along with one computer room. A lounge is also there as a common meeting room. Spending time alone on the streets tends to make people isolated so this is an attempt to help them socialize and feel better among others.

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The Department of Housing and Urban Development reports that 50% of veterans who did not have any house(since 2010) have been housed. But the rest also deserve the same and we need more people to help in the efforts. At such a time, Jovi’s contribution is extremely crucial and helpful.

Apart from this donation, all proceeds from Jovi’s “Unbroken” will be sent to the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation. This foundation works to pair up first responders and veterans with service dogs to help them deal better with their PTSD.

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