6 Ways To Start Your Own Personal Revolution

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By Luke Miller Truth Theory

We live in a world where we often pass the buck when it comes to responsibility, especially when that responsibility comes at the cost of changing our behaviour. However it is very possible for us to change part of the external world we live in by simply changing our inner world. This is how we create our own personal revolution.

The analogy I like to use for this is that we are all light bulbs, we all have the ability to shine bright, the problem is we are often surrounded by other bulbs that are not shining. When we switch on our light, not only do we realise we have the ability to shine bright, but those around us also realise that they have the ability to shine full beam. We all have this in us it is just a question of activating our light.

There are many ways we can be that shining light in a world full of dormant bulbs here are 6 ways-

Love Unconditionally

You can always share things with people, the paradox here is it can often be hard to share your feelings with those you love, however we always have that inner ability to do so. Tell someone they are beautiful without conditions. Smile at someone when you pass them in the street. Love everyone without expecting them to do so in return, because when you do- all that is love gravitates to you and this allows others to do the same.

Spend Ethically

This can be difficult as companies often go to extraordinary lengths to make themselves look as if they are ethical, when the reality is they are not acting in this way. However if you are aware that a company is exploiting children to make clothes, your phone contains conflict minerals or the packaging on the sandwich you are purchasing is contributing to the destruction of the rainforest, you have a choice, not spend your money on the products in question. Spending ethically shows others that there are other options out there!

Bank Ethically

Banks for the most part are unethical, they run on a model of profit, no matter what the cost to human/animal/environmental life. However we all have a choice to move our money to banks that do not run on this model.

This stuff actually works and applies a large amount of pressure on banks to behave ethically. One of the most recent examples is that of the oil pipeline being built in Standing Rock, in which representatives the city of Seattle said they would remove $3 billion from Wells Fargo bank should they not remove their support for the pipeline. When you bank ethically you remove the power from the elite, showing others that we truly have other options.

Consume Ethically

We waste a hell of a lot more than we consume, be it food, the packaging our food comes in or our ikea furniture which breaks within a year of purchase. Things are built to break and due to this a lot of waste is caused. There are also other types of consumption such as television, (some) prescription drugs and other mediums of media, that are based on exploitation. When you consume irresponsibly this can cause disharmony not just to ourselves, but also to others. Consuming ethically shows you are being the change and shows other people that a different way is possible.

Self Care

You cannot tip from an empty cup, this is reality! You need to care for yourself, but in a way that is right for you. Meditation, music, love, socialising (with the right people) and anything that taps you into the reality in which the noise of the external world is silenced for a while is great for your soul. I stress this is an individual journey, and there is no one size fits all solution to caring for oneself, however I would say that self care should not be a choire. It should be something enjoyable- so if meditation is a pain in the backside for you, do something else. If you don’t like journaling, do something else. If you don’t like jumping on a treadmill and sweating, do something else. Whatever it is that you do for self care, make sure it is something that fills your soul, as life is too short to be doing things because you feel you have to!

Give Things Unconditionally  

So many of us have far more than we need or use, instead of leaving the over or undersized pair of jeans in the wardrobe why not give them to someone. Instead of spending money on something you don’t not need (or in many cases even want), give it to someone who is homeless.

You can also give more than just things! Give love, give your time and give yourself without conditions to those you are in service too. This differs from person to person, some just care for family, some care for friends and some care for all. Intuitively you will know who you should be caring for and when you tap into this instinctively- give! This shows others it is okay to do so without conditions!

We no longer need to pass the buck when it comes to responsibility. We can all change our behaviour for the better of humanity and create our own personal revolution. When you do this you also give others permission to follow suite! Keep shining your inner light.

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