5 Egyptian Gods And Goddesses To Summon For The Progression Of Humanity

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By Luke Miller Truth Theory

We currently have wars all over the globe killing and displacing millions of people, we have weather being changed by irresponsible behaviour that has become dangerous to our ecosystem and we have a divided human race that has bought into the illusion that we are all in some way separate.

In ancient times (and still to this day) many Egyptians believed that the gods and goddesses held specific powers, and could be called upon to put an end to the killing, change weather patterns and unify humanity. Here is a list of 5 gods and godesses we can call upon for the collective good of humanity.


Isis is the goddess of love and perhaps the most threatened goddess by the current situation. We have a war on ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) going on (a name given to them by the west), and if we believe that there is power in the words we speak, then there is a verbal threat on all that is love.

Isis is sister and wife to Osiris, she is a goddess with almost unlimited attributes, but is well known as being the goddess of love, fertility and motherhood. Isis is the devoted wife, mother and protector of the poor and the slaves. She gives a voice to the voiceless and all that she represents is needed for the progression of humanity.


Hathor is the goddess of motherhood, fertility and embodies all that is love. She is the most loved and loves freely. Hathor absorbed the attributes of many goddesses and is often associated with Isis. She is believed to be the most popular and powerful of all the goddesses.

Hathor was also the goddess of beauty and known as “the mistress of life” she was seen as the embodiment of love, romance, sexuality, music and dance. Hathor is also thought to be wife to Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris.


Osiris is god and king of the underworld. He guards the gates of the afterlife and has the ability to move between the 2 worlds. Osiris is one of the most celebrated gods and is the only deity simply referred to as “god”

He was thought to have been king in the physical realm before he was murdered by his brother Set, once this happened his sister (and wife) Isis found and resurrected him, before conceiving their son Horus, with Osiris then moving on to become god of the afterlife.

Osiris was also a god of agriculture and given the current effect that agriculture as a business is having on this planet, all that he embodies would be perfect to move humanity forward.


Horus is the son of Osiris and Isis and the god of the sky, he went into hiding as a child to build his strength to battle Set, the god of disaster and violence. Set was brother to Osiris, and also the murderer of Osiris. After numerous battles Horus finally defeated Set, banishing him to the desert and becoming the king of upper egypt.

Horus was thought to contain the sun in his right eye and the moon in his left, representing true balance. The eye of Horus is perhaps one of the most well known of Egyptian symbols and is thought to symbolise what is commonly known as the third eye (although first eye would be more accurate).

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This represents vision and the ability to see into other worlds, as well as this one. It is also thought to protect on the journey into the afterlife, although when you look at ancient egyptian artifacts made for the dead they usually have 2 eyes.

Horus is also the god of war, and it could be argued that one who has mastered the art of war could prevent one happening all together. Horus was a loved king and was eventually known as Horus The Great.


Thoth is the god of knowledge and wisdom, and played a vital role in the Egyptian power structure. Thoth was tasked with maintaining the universe, and was one of 2 deities that stood beside Amun Ra (the god of the sun).

Thoth was the keeper of peace between the gods and was well versed in the art of magic and writing. Thoth was also the judge of the dead- when the dead passed through to the underworld Anubis (son of Osiris) and Thoth would weigh the heart of the dead against a feather and should the heart weigh less the dead would be allowed to pass through.

We are now living in an age of knowledge, but seem to be heavily lacking in wisdom. Learning from the ancient wisdom of the gods could put an end to this suffering and unify humanity for the greater good of all.

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