Kind Bus Driver Knits Personalized Scarves, Hats For The Students On Her Route

Sara Lopez HD YoutubeBy  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Young or old — the world can be a scary place. Fortunately, it just became a lot warmer for students on Sara Lopez’s bus route. This is because, the kind driver recently knit each of the children custom-made hats and scarves.

According to GoodNewsNetwork, Lopez has been a bus driver for 16 years. She’s also been crocheting for two decades. After a parent suggested she merge both passions, she began knitting warm accessories for kids on her route for Hermansen Elementary School in Romeoville, Illinois.

Each hat was personalized based on the child’s likes. For instance, one kid received a Spongebob Squarepants hat and another received Spiderman swag. When asked why she goes the extra mile to make the hats and scarves, the bus driver replied because she just loves her job — and the kids she transports.

The school district has certainly noticed. It wrote on the district page: “Our bus drivers do much more than drive and deliver. If you ride Ms. Lopez’ bus with the kids … it is like riding with a family.”

Watch the video below to learn more:

The hats and scarves don’t just keep the kids warm. They remind the students that they are not alone in this world, and that others are looking out for them. If you feel inspired by Lopez’s example, consider doing something similar — or unique — in your own community to remind others they are loved.

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