17 Best Images Of 2017 (Taken From Space)

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

From hurricanes to volcano eruptions, some things have a whole new depth of visual understanding by seeing it from the highest heights imaginable. Here we have the 17 best images taken by astronauts in 2017!  

The following images have been compiled by NASA and taken in space:

Hurricane Jose at the Caribbean

City Lights in the Northeastern United States

Idahoan Checkerboarding

Solar Evaporation Ponds in Utah

Meidob Volcanic Field in the Sudan

City Lights in Northwestern Europe

Sunrise on the Philippine Sea

Mount Etna Erupts in Sicily

Betsiboka Estuary in Madagascar

Big Island, Hawaii

Naples and Mount Vesuvius at Night

Cosmoledo Atoll in Seychelles

Namib Desert in Namibia

Kazakhstan’s Lake Alakol with Ice

Mauna Loa, Hawaii

Aurora Borealis over Canada

Fending Off the Wind on the Steppe in Russia

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