4 Intelligent Extraterrestrial Races Explained By A UFO Contactee

alien races explained

By Mike Sygula / Truth Theory

Gosia Duszak is a YouTuber who claims to be in contact with a group of extraterrestrials from the Pleiades constellation. On her YouTube channel, she shares communication that she receives from them. Many people might dismiss such claims as nonsense, but even our governments have become more open about their knowledge of extraterrestrial life in recent years.

Recently, for example, a former Air Force intelligence officer publicly revealed that “an extraterrestrial body has been recovered” Countless high-profile officials came forward in recent years and shared their knowledge of UFO visitation and alien contact. People like Bob Lazar have revealed to the world how UFO propulsion systems work. His case is very compelling; he is an engineer who allegedly worked on the reverse engineering of UFOs, and his story is presented in the documentary “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers.”

The content that Gosia shares on her YouTube channel is very interesting. One of the more intriguing topics is the information about some of the alien races present in our galaxy.

According to the information she has received, life is not rare in the universe but is everywhere, as “everything is consciousness” in a different form. This is something that most ancients knew. For example, in hermetic philosophy with its roots in ancient Egypt, one of the principles talks about the principle of mentalism, meaning that all is mind. The idea is that the universe and everything constitute one mind, one organism expressing itself in different forms and fragments. You could think of a body that is made up of cells, microbes, and so on. All these smaller units and microorganisms create a larger organism together; this is the underlying concept.

Human type races

Another intriguing piece of information provided is that humanoid races are not unique to Earth. They claim that the original humans came from the Lyra constellation and are now spread all around the galaxy. We are their ancestors. They claim that there are at least 400 thousand humanoid civilizations in our galaxy alone.

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Arcturians possess more amphibian DNA; they are apparently one of the most advanced technologically and spiritually evolved races. They do not have distinct males or females but exist as a single gender, and their reproduction is asexual; they reproduce through auto-cloning.


Andromedans destroyed their home planet earlier in their evolution due to internal conflicts, leading to its destruction. They often employ bio ships capable of accommodating millions of inhabitants. These ships can be formed inside meteorites, for instance. The Hindu god Shiva is said to have originated from the Andromedan civilization.


Urmahs -Feline Race

Urmahs resemble humanoid lions or tigers. They primarily communicate through telepathy and are carnivorous, but they apparently create synthetic meat.

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Gosia frequently discusses The Galactic Federation, where numerous races strive to collaborate. This could be likened to the United Nations on Earth. Interestingly, she is not the only one discussing this topic. The former Israeli Space Chief also revealed that the US and Israeli governments are aware of this federation and have had contact with them.

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