Couple Spent $12,500 On Off Grid Home And Quit Everything

By Mike Sygula / Truth Theory

Dan Harrison and his girlfriend Laura are originally from the UK and they decided that they had enough of “life in the Matrix” and moved to Portugal where they bought a small “abandoned” farm. With zero knowledge of building or farming, they started turning this place into an off-grid homestead. They have been documenting their adventure on their YouTube channel. Their story is really inspirational, many people might think that such a move would require many skills. They aren’t builders or farmers, but they show that with a little bit of hard work and courage, it is possible to get off the grid. There are pros and cons as well to life in Portugal, summer can get very hot there. Also, such an option works well for someone who can generate income online however there are other ways to make money and live off grid, costs of living on your own farm can be greatly reduced.


Here you can check out other videos on their YouTube channel.

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