Extraterrestrial Body Recovered? Former Air Force Intelligence Just Blew The Whistle On UFOs

Air Force Intelligence Just Blew The Whistle On UFOs

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

For centuries, people have been enamored with the idea of extra-terrestrial beings that have visited our planet. While that has been the subject matter for quite a lot of fiction, fiction usually tends to be different from reality. We have, despite our desires, usually negated the possibility of UFOs, believing that the idea is too ludicrous to ever hold ground anywhere. But recently, a former Air Force intelligence officer testified to something a little too close for comfort at a Congress meeting, where they blew the whistle on UFOs.

The officer was asked, under oath, if he believed that the government was in possession of extra-terrestrial aircrafts, to which he responded that he couldn’t deny or agree to that idea. Yet, later when the Congress spokesperson asked him if they had been able to extract the bodies of the pilots manning the aircrafts, the air force officer confirmed that they had been in possession of ‘biologies’, which were distinctly non-human. 


The Air Force Pilot Who Blew The Whistle On UFOs Did It With Some Confidence

The US Air Force officer, who blew the whistle on UFOs also claimed that he had spoken to the people who were in charge of the extra-terrestrial division- people who were still working on it. They claimed that the bodies that were found were not human in any shape or form. As far as the documentation goes regarding this, which includes photos and videos, the officer didn’t have any possession of them but was willing to talk to the spokesperson if Congress could use its power to get a hold of the documents. Whether the pilot is speaking the truth, has not been affirmed. But with so many voices speaking up about the presence of UFOs, could it be possible?

The former Air Force officer in question, David Grusch, gave this testimonial on 26th July and kept mentioning that the government had been doing all that was possible to keep this matter under wraps. At the hearing, he said that he had been informed over the course of his profession of several multi-decade UAPs (unidentified anomalous phenomenon), crash retrieval, as well as a reverse engineering program to deal with it, which the pilot wasn’t provided access to.

He affirmed that the pieces of evidence, and eye-witness reports that he had over the course of his duties were from people who were the flagbearers of legitimacy and honest service to this country. Incidentally, along with the pilot who blew the whistle on UFOs, there were two other witnesses, formerly employed by the US Navy, who claimed that they had also had personal experiences with UFOs while on the job- which also includes an event that took place in 2004, and which was apparently caught on video. Take a look at a snippet of the testimony:

Where Do We Stand With Respect To Extraterrestrial Life?

The idea behind the presence of extraterrestrial life has been the trend lately, according to reports published by the Atlantic. A poll by Gallup back in 2019 found that close to 68% of the American public believes that the government has a lot more information about UFOs than they are letting on. Around 33% of the US adults who were surveyed also believe that some of the sightings have, in fact, been extraterrestrial spacecraft visiting the planet. One of the astrobiologists at the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, Jacob Haqq Misra, went on to state that the public was more than ready to understand the possibilities of alien contact, now more than ever. 

Congress has definitely added to this public interest, as it has held two hearings on UFOs in the last couple of years, after around 6 decades of hiatus from the subject. The last proceeding that took place was in 1966, when Gerald Ford, the then-Congressman, went on to convene a pair of hearings that were used to discuss the sightings of UFOs in southern Michigan and other parts of the country.

Yet, unsurprisingly, no such hearing has put out any definitive evidence of life present beyond Earth. Even the Air Force officer who blew the whistle on UFOs stated that he hadn’t personally been in contact with any UFOs, and he flat out refused to give any specifics on the claims that he had made- as he cited security concerns. Nevertheless, he mentioned that he could be a little more forthcoming away from the cameras, and the media. 

At the hearing, Grusch maintained that he would be sent to jail for revealing classified information. The real gravity of the situation was felt when Grusch was asked if people had been harmed to cover up the information regarding extraterrestrial technology, and he replied yes. But when he was asked if anyone had been killed, he mentioned that he was careful enough to direct people armed with that knowledge to the correct authorities. The former Air Force pilot also claimed that the military had willy-nilly misappropriated the funds that had been allocated for other programs in order to reverse engineer some of the allegedly non-human technology that they had managed to scrounge from the debris. 

Grusch’s Comments Can’t Be Taken At Face Value Either

But we can’t take Grusch’s claims at face value. One of the spokespersons for the Pentagon, Sue Gough, informed NBC News that the claims made by this whistleblower are false. The Department of Defense, according to Gough, is strictly committed to thorough and timely reporting to Congress. He further mentioned that the DoD had not discovered any sort of verifiable information that could substantiate the claims made by this whistleblower regarding the possession, as well as the reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial materials that might have existed in the past or are still in existence. 

Eric Burlison, a representative from Missouri, also mentioned in the hearing that the claims made by this Air Force pilot, which supposedly blew the whistle on UFOs were quite far-fetched, as there was no physical possibility of the extra-terrestrial beings being so far developed that they could travel to Earth, but then turn completely incapable of surviving the environment or a crash. Nevertheless, there is a growing body that believes that the claims need to be researched further- simply owing to the large number of witnesses, reports, whistleblowers, and stories. The legislators from both parties have been looking towards declassifying the documents which are related to UFOs. 


Although this Air Force pilot, who blew the whistle on UFOs, did so quite confidently, it must be said that scientists have been at this for quite a few decades without any success. But with trillions of planets and solar systems in the Universe, it could be possible that intelligent life form does exist on some other astronomical body as well. 

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