You Can Set Up This Solar Powered Prefab Cabin In Just 4 Hours


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

DROP Structures is a Canadian company that manufactures hassle-free cabins. These cabins can be set up by customers in any location in a flash. Especially the ‘Mono’, a tiny cabin which is prefabricated– it can be ready in  4 hours, and completely runs on electricity.

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Although the structure is just 106 square feet and appears to be very  minimalistic, it is the brainchild of years and years of technology and engineering. This structure cost $24,500, and as the description reads, can be set up anywhere.

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The cabin is built to be very tough and compact. The MONO cabins have a standing metal seam exterior, which is very resilient in most climates and extremely low-maintenance. Also, the interior has a tight envelope which is thermal, as a result of core insulation, which keeps a stable temperature in almost all climates.

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The structure has two roofs, which attach to a wall, from the floor to the ceiling. This allows for most of the light to fall in, thus creating a fresh, warm environment. This also makes for a very seamless setting between the cabin and its surroundings.

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The interior might seem sparse, but it provides everything you may need for a getaway from city life. Made from Baltic Birch Panels, it gives a very homely feel.

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The greatest benefit of this structure is probably its versatility. Anything can be added to it- windows, skylight, lofts, murphy bed, you name it. They can also be off the grid when using solar panels.

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Tiny houses are on arise for the new generation. Sustainable and pocket-friendly, the tiny house is here to stay it seems! 

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