This Dutch City Upgraded Hundreds Of Bus Stops To ‘BeeStops’

green bus stop

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

One city in Holland has taken yet another step in the right direction. In an effort to help the local honeybees, Utrecht, Holland has covered over 300 of its public bus stops with plants. Sedum plants have been used mainly to turn the city even greener.

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Utrecht’s biodiversity includes bumblebees and honeybees and they are sure to love the new flowering plants! Not only the bees but also the addition of the plants on the roofs of the bus stops will help capture the fine dust in the air as well as store rainwater.

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Apart from the newly added plants, the shelters already have energy-efficient LED lights as well as bamboo benches for the commuters. The roofs will be taken care of by workers, who will be driving around in includes vehicles. Utrecht seems very determined to love nature and improve the quality of air!

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The city has further plans in the future. By the end of 2019, they plan on introducing 55 electric buses. This is in line with their plan of having a public transport system by 2028 which will be absolutely non-polluting and sustainable. Hence the buses will run on electricity produced by Dutch windmills.

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